Professor Howe and the Furious Foam

No. 8 of 16 in the Professor Howe books series
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By:Simon Bucher-Jones
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Released:  March 2020
Publisher:  Long Scarf Publications
Format: paperback
Long Scarf Publications

Cover blurb:
PROFESSOR HOWE, Gloriana and Taffy discover the twenty-first century holiday experience isn’t all crazy golf and fish ‘n’ chips. Frankly the English seaside isn’t quite what it was made out to be.

Britnovelites and their entertainment pipeline connecting them to the tourist hotspots along the south coast is manfunctioning...

..Something is going hobbubbly wrong.

The centre of it all is the animatronic hub of Dinoland and Bobson needs all the kelp he can get!

Will Taffy manage to fix his trousers? Will Arthur Bobson confiscate the Professor’s muffled hammer? And why is the sea yellow?

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