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The Mary-Sue Extrusion

No. 79 of 84 in the New Adventures novels series
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By:Dave Stone
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Released:  February 1999
Publisher:  Virgin
Format: paperback
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Note:  In an early experiment into print-on-demand publishing, author Dave Stone made a revised version of this novel available on CafePress in March 2007 — to avoid copyright trouble, the text was edited to remove all references to Bernice Summerfield (the heroine is renamed “Pandora Delbane” instead).

Cover blurb:
‘Bernice Summerfield seemed to hold the key. She was in it up to her neck, and she was the one person left who could tell me what I needed to know. I rather hoped it wouldn’t be necessary to snap said neck and kill her.’

The planet Dellah was once one of the cultural centres of the galaxy. Now, it lies in ruins and things walk through the barren landscape, twisting the unfortunates who remain there to their unholy will.

The tragic effects of this cataclysm have been felt throughout local space, from cruel and draconian Thanaxos to the multiplexal chaos of the Proximan Chain Rafts. All know the ultimate result: a war is coming — is inevitable — and is set to blow the fragile stability of the galactic sector apart.

Only one person has the pieces of the puzzle that might prevent the coming collapse — Bernice Summerfield. The problem is, she’s missing, and what’s more she’s not feeling precisely herself. And if Benny doesn’t find out exactly who she is, and how she can fit into her newly shattered world, there isn’t going to be a world for her to come back to at all.

Dave Stone is newly married and a man of substance, so, in the light of and concomitant to his responsibilities and reputation, can he just say: wiggy piggle whoopy-doopy poo.

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