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Unbound: Adventures in Time and Space

No. 48 of 72 in the Miscellaneous short stories series
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By:Jacob Black, Frank Holder, James K. Maddox & Anne-Laure Tuduri (ed.)
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Released:  May 2019
Publisher:  Unknown
Format: paperback
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Note:  Charity short story anthology.

Cover blurb:
Unbound is a Doctor Who charity anthology dedicated to “unbound” and “what if” stories, scenarios, and incarnations of the Doctor. The Doctor has spent their lives travelling the multiverse — righting wrongs, toppling empires, and generally making a right mess of things. But time isn’t a straight line. It goes round and round...

The short stories collected in Unbound: Adventures in Time and Space explore alternative incarnations of the Doctor. Those who had their days in the limelight in what-if audios, in 60s movies, animations, stage plays and old books. As well as many brand new Doctors — who may be vampires, shadows, gingers, eldritch horrors, and even the odd dinosaur!

Edited by Jacob Black, Frank Holder, James K. Maddox, Anne-Laure Tuduri and Niki Haringsma, the book features short stories and illustrations by Kara Dennison, John Peel, Paul Driscoll, Iain McLaughlin & Claire Bartlett, Rachel Redhead, Jim Mortimore, James Bojaciuk, William Shaw, Tycho McPhee Letts, Michael O’Brien, Richard Gurl, Nathan Mullins, Charles Whitt, NataLunaSans, Alec Kopecz, James Maddox, Elizabeth A. Allen, Jake J. Johnson, James Hawkins, John G. Wood, Christopher Swain-Train, Owen McBreaty, Ewen Campion-Clarke, Arthur Lockridge, William J. Martin, Sophie Iles and Janine Rivers, with cover art by the amazing Johannes Chazot.

Unbound: Adventures in Time and Space is a non-profit publication for charity. All proceeds go to the Against Malaria Foundation.

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