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The Black Archive #28: Love & Monsters

No. 28 of 82 in the The Black Archive books series
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By:Niki Haringsma
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Released:  February 2019
Publisher:  Obverse Books
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
‘Let me tell you something about those who get left behind.’

Russell T Davies’ tale of regular people searching for the Doctor has become one of the most divisive episodes in Doctor Who history. Diving into the narrative theories of Bertolt Brecht, Viktor Shklovsky, Henry Jenkins, Stuart Hall and many others, this Black Archive on Love & Monsters explores how one profoundly alienating story made us see our favourite alien time traveller in a whole new light.

Niki Haringsma is a Dutch writer, artist and editor with a degree in German literature.

Book-length looks at single Doctor Who stories from 1963 to the present day

“A grandly ambitious thing to attempt with something as exhaustively detailed as (Doctor Who). But they actually manage it. Treat your bookshelf."
—Doctor Who Magazine

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