A Second Target for Tommy

No. 44 of 72 in the Miscellaneous short stories series
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Released:  March 2018
Publisher:  Obverse Books
Format: paperback
Obverse Books

Note:  Follow-up to A Target for Tommy. Charity short story anthology in aid of Doctor Who fan and author Tommy Donbavand who at the time was battling cancer. Includes the first-ever publication of the draft script for Christopher Eccleston’s unfilmed scene in The Day of the Doctor.

Cover blurb:
In a barn, in a desert, a weary man prepares to deploy the ultimate weapon...

Dr Who, Ian, Barbara and little Susan return to Skaro with an unexpected passenger...

Iris Wildthyme finally tells the real story about her first meeting with the Doctor...

All these tales and more are to be found inside A Second Target for Tommy!


  • Eye of Orion? by Jay Eales
  • The Hangover of Injustice by Andrew Lawston
  • The Caterpillar Room by Kate Orman
  • The Horde of Travesties — The Prologues by Declan May
  • Nipping Out For Some Bits by Ian Potter
  • The Misadventure of Mark Thorne by Andy Frankham-Allen
  • Wherever and Whenever by Cody Schell
  • From Skaro With Love! by Nick Campbell
  • Why Though? by Ira Lightman
  • The Runaway Hi-Fi by Paul Magrs
  • Eyebrows and Fish by Matt Bright
  • Repeat Prescription by Eddie Robson
  • Extract from ‘Collateral Damage’ by Matt Barber
  • The Xanthous Knight by Blair Bidmead
  • Doctor Who: The Special by Steven Moffat
  • The Watcher by Nick Wallace
  • The Envelope Please by Jonathan Dennis
  • The Thief of Joy by Jon Arnold
  • Doctor Who and the Exile From Hell by Simon Bucher-Jones
  • When Iris Met Billy by Stuart Douglas
  • Walk A Mile In My Shoes by Jay Eales
  • The Same Old Road by Ian Potter
  • Fearmonger Redux (Extract) by Jon Blum
  • Fair by Ned Netherwood
  • ’-’ by Philip Marsh

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