Twelfth Night: Adventures in Time and Space with Peter Capaldi

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By:Andrew O'Day (ed.)
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Released:  December 2018
Publisher:  I.B. Tauris
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who — unpredictable, embattled, mercurial — has raised many fresh issues for followers of the Time Lord. In this book, international experts on the show have been brought together to explore the era of Capaldi and Steven Moffat.

They evaluate the effect of Capaldi’s older age on the series’ pace and themes; his Scottishness and representations of Scotland in Doctor Who’s history, and the roles of the Doctor’s female companions. The politics of war are addressed, as is the development of UNIT in the show, as well as controversial portrayals of the afterlife and of immortality. There’s consideration of promotional discourses, the imagining of the Twelfth Doctor in fan fiction and fan art, fan responses to the re-gendering of the Master as female, and of Christmas television and the uncanny. For fans, scholars, and viewers, this book is a fitting tribute to and assessment of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who.

Andrew O’Day is co-author with Jonathan Bignell of Terry Nation (2004) and editor of Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour (I.B. Tauris, 2014). He has contributed chapters on the Doctor to a range of edited collections. He received his PhD in Television Studies from Royal Holloway, University of London.

‘Invaluable reading for intellectually-engaged devotees of the programme.’
Matthew Kilburn, contributor to The Essential Doctor Who and author of The Black Archive: The Time Warrior

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