Countdown to TV Action

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By:Steve Holland
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Released:  July 2014
Publisher:  Bear Alley Books
Format: paperback
Bear Alley Books

Note:  More information on the publisher’s blog. Overview of the fondly-remembered early 70’s British comic Countdown (later renamed TV Action), which featured comic strips from a number of popular 60s/70s TV shows — including Thunderbirds, The Persuaders, Hawaii Five-O, and of course Doctor Who (hence its inclusion on this site). Although it was a weekly comic, the publication spawned a series of 3 annuals, which are also listed on this site: Countdown Annual 1972, Countdown for TV Action Annual 1973 and TV Action Annual 1974.

Cover blurb:
None. (The back cover contains a montage of character portraits and comic strip panels)

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