Time Trips

No. 23 of 72 in the Miscellaneous short stories series
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By:A. L. Kennedy & Jenny T. Colgan
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Editions:  UK (hardback) | Germany (paperback)
Description:  Print edition of the Time Trips short story series, previously published as individual e-books between November 2013 and December 2014.

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Edition: UK (hardback)
Released:  March 2015
Publisher:  BBC Books
Format: hardback
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Note:  The story A Long Way Down by Jenny T. Colgan is the only one not previously published as an e-book, hence exclusive to this volume. Unusually, it is printed on the dustjacket of the book, which folds out to reveal the entire story. (The first portion shown in the cover blurb below is the part visible on the back cover when the book is closed.)

Cover blurb:
Time Trips is a unique collection of Doctor Who adventures from some of the most respected writers in the Universe — short stories that are bigger on the inside...

Like this one...

by Jenny T. Colgan

The TARDIS turning upside down was unexpected.

Immediately a growly voice echoed around its walls. “Clara, what are you doing?” ”Clara, what are you doing?" ”Clara, what are you doing?" ”Clara, what are you

Clara had been buried in lost scrolls in the South Library, where the light was the gold of Alexandria. The TARDIS-given ability to read in any language sometimes seemed to her as wondrous as any galaxy they could find.

She looked up from the floor, gathering the scrolls. “What was that? Why did we loop the loop?"

“Small asteroid disturbance."

“Asteroids can’t do that to the TARDIS!"

There was a pause.

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Edition: Germany (paperback)
Title:  Zeitreisen
Released:  February 2018
Publisher:  Cross Cult
Format: paperback
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