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From Wildthyme With Love

No. 3 of 9 in the Iris Wildthyme novels series
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By:Paul Magrs
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Released:  November 2013
Publisher:  Snowbooks
Format: hardback
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Note:  75-page hardback novella. An excerpt is available on the author’s blog.

Cover blurb:
Panda Lovey,
This is the last time I ever listen to you. Bloody hell!

‘It’s a Bring-a-Bottle party,’ he says! ‘Oh, I bet the place will be jumping by the time you get there!’

Thanks a lot, my furry little pal.

I ended up on a dead planet.

There I was, all glammed up, clutching my bag from the Offy, staggering through a mucky, petrified forest. I tripped over some horrid, dusty lizard thing.

Then I found the address you gave me. It looked a bit small on the outside, I thought, but I banged on the bloody doors anyway. The lights were out and no one came to answer. You must have told me the wrong night, chuck. I was so brassed off I drank all the booze and left the empties lying around outside.

Next thing, I was quite pissed, but I bumped into a whole load of blond fellas who live in the woods together. They wear a shocking amount of blue eyeshadow and not a lot else. Anyway, we had a lovely time and later they helped me find my way back to the bus.

So — where did you say you were, lovey? And did you borrow my Time Scrunchy?


Paul Magrs lives and writes in Manchester. He has published a number of novels in a variety of genres over the years, including books about Iris Wildthyme and the six volume ‘Brenda and Effie’ series of mysteries, which is about the Bride of Frankenstein running a B&B in Whitby. He has also written fiction for young adults, including ‘Strange Boy’ and ‘Exchange.’ Over the years he has contributed many times to the Doctor Who books and audio series. He has taught Creative Writing at both the University of East Anglia and Manchester Metropolitan University, and now writes full time.

His blog is at: and he can be found on Twitter and Facebook.

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