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No. 40 of 76 in the BBC Past Doctor novels series
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By:Mick Lewis
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Released:  March 2001
Publisher:  BBC Books
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
“Join the Unwashed... Join the Unforgiving. Join the Ragged, for we are the way."

A convoy of disenchanted ragamuffins is winding its way through the south-west of England. At its head, a filthy cattletruck containing four punk mummers... and something else. The band plays sudden, violent and hate-filled gigs along the way: Dartmoor, Glastonbury Tor, an old cemetery in Bristol. And every time they play, people die in unspeakable ways. Aristocrats, high-flying stockbrokers, police officers, all find themselves the victims of a Class War that is threatening to shatter society.

Within the dark cattletruck, a malevolent force is leading this ragged army on a Magical Mayhem Tour towards its final, secret destination. With Jo powerless to resist its seductive influence and the Doctor lost in a nightmarish void, can the band from hell be prevented from staging its final society-cracking performance, and thus spelling the end of the road for... everything?

Featuring the Third Doctor, Jo and the Brigadier, this adventure takes place between the TV stories The Green Death and The Time Warrior.

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