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The Daleks: 21 Minutes of Adventure

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Starring: William Hartnell, William Russell, Jacqueline Hill & Maureen O'Brien
By:Terry Nation
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Released:  April 1966
Publisher:  Century 21 Records
Format: 7" single

Note:  A 21-minute audio drama, edited together from episode 6 of The Chase, with extra narration provided by voice artist David Graham. Unusually, the record itself is the size and shape of a 7” single, but intended to be played at 33rpm like an LP, giving it a longer running time than a typical single.

Cover blurb:
In their flight from the Pursuer-Daleks [sic], Dr. Who and his friends land on yet another strange planet. Trapped in a city built on massive stilts which tower above a dangerous jungle, they fight their way to safety.

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