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By:Paul Scoones
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Editions:  New Zealand (1st paperback) | New Zealand (2nd paperback) | New Zealand (3rd paperback)

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Edition: New Zealand (1st paperback)
Released:  March 1989
Publisher:  JPS Books
Format: paperback

Note:  Based on a typed transcript made by Jon Preddle from the surviving video footage, hence Jon Preddle is credited as co-author for this edition. Was reprinted later in 1989 with a blue cover rather than white (however the cover design & contents were otherwise identical). View alternate cover

Cover blurb:
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Edition: New Zealand (2nd paperback)
Released:  October 1991
Publisher:  TSV Books
Format: paperback

Note:  Completely rewritten compared to the first edition (hence Jon Preddle is no longer credited as co-author).

Cover blurb:
On a remote space station called Think Tank, the evil Skagra steals the minds of his colleagues and departs for Earth, where the Doctor and Romana are visiting an old friend, Professor Chronotis, at St Cedd’s College, Cambridge.

An ancient Gallifreyan book with mysterious properties is Skagra’s goal, and the Doctor’s failure to prevent him taking it is compounded by Skagra’s abduction of not only Romana and the TARDIS, but also the Professor’s mind...

All this, however, is just part of Skagra’s master plan, the outcome of which will affect all life in the Universe. The key to its success is Salyavin, a notorious Time Lord criminal whose location has been kept secret for centuries.

Aided by his servants, the Krangs, Skagra goes in search of Salyavin on a long forgotten Time Lord prison planet called Shada...

This is a novelisation of a unique Doctor Who story: a BBC strike in 1979 left SHADA half complete, and it has never been shown on television.

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Edition: New Zealand (3rd paperback)
Title:  Doctor Who and Shada
Released:  October 2001
Publisher:  TSV Books
Format: paperback

Note:  Contains a large number of minor edits/updates compared to the 2nd edition.

Cover blurb:

The Doctor and Romana visit Professor Chronotis, a retired Time Lord living at Cambridge University. The Professor wants to return an ancient and very powerful book to Gallifrey — but the book has gone missing.

Skagra, an evil scientist, steals the book and the Professor’s mind — and also takes Romana and the TARDIS.

In order to stop Skagra, the Doctor must discover the secrets of a notorious Time Lord criminal, and a long forgotten prison called Shada...

This is an unofficial and unauthorised fan publication. No profits have been derived from this book. Not for resale.

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