Decide Your Destiny: Claws of the Macra

No. 13 of 16 in the Decide Your Destiny books series
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By:Trevor Baxendale
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Editions:  UK (English paperback) | UK (Welsh paperback)

Cover image for Decide Your Destiny: Claws of the Macra
Edition: UK (English paperback)
Released:  April 2010
Publisher:  Penguin
Format: paperback
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New:  £5.00
Used:  £1.20
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New: $25.78
Used:  $1.99
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New: $75.99
Used:  $3.61

Cover blurb:
Join the Doctor on his travels through time and space and influence the story with your decisions. Choose a direction and let the adventures begin...

Danger and adventure await the Doctor and Amy on a trip to a gas refinery infested by giant alien crustaceans. Only you can help to put a stop to the Macra’s plans and save Earth!

These interactive stories continue online, with links to exclusive animated scenes and an exciting online game. There’s a new adventure waiting for you with every read!

Cover image for Dewis Dy Dynged: Crafangau'r Macra
Edition: UK (Welsh paperback)
Title:  Dewis Dy Dynged: Crafangau'r Macra
Released:  August 2010
Publisher:  Rily Publications
Format: paperback
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New:  £5.46
Used:  £5.46
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New: $13.10
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Note:  Along with its companion volume The Coldest War, this is the first ever Welsh-language Doctor Who book.

Cover blurb:
Ymuna â’r Doctor ac Amy ar eu teithiau drwy’r gofod ac amser. Ti sy’n penderfynu beth sy’n digwydd yn y stori. Dewisa gyfeiriad, a gad i’r anturiaethau ddechrau...

Mae perygl ac antur yn dy ddisgwyl di ar drip ysgol i burfa nwy sy’n llawn crancod arallfydol anferth! Dim ond Amy a’r Doctor all rwystro’r Macra ac achub y byd!

Mae’r straeon rhyngweithiol hun yn parhau ar-lein. Mae dolenni i alygfeydd arbenning wedi’u hanimeiddio a gêm gyffrous ar-lein, felly mae antur newydd yn disgwyl amdanat ti bob tro y byddi di’n darflen.

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