Hornets‘ Nest: The Complete Series

No. 6 of 19 in the Nest Cottage audio dramas series
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Starring: Tom Baker, Richard Franklin & Susan Jameson
By:Paul Magrs
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Editions:  US (CD) | UK (LP)
Description:  Box set compilation of all five Hornets’ Nest audio dramas.

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Edition: US (CD)
Released:  February 2010
Publisher:  BBC Audio
Format: 5 x CD
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Note:  Box set compilation of all five Hornets’ Nest audio dramas. Originally released in the US only, but made available in the UK later in 2010.

Cover blurb:
Tom Baker reprises the role of the Fourth Doctor in five thrilling brand new adventures, with Richard Franklin as his old friend Mike Yates

“Wanted: retired army Captain... Must tolerate mild eccentricity and strong scientific advice. Knowledge of Giant Maggots, Super Intelligent Spiders and Prehistoric Monsters a positive boon."

Responding to a strangely worded advertisement, Captain Mike Yates (retired) is reunited with a ghost from the past. But why has the Doctor, that mysterious traveller in Time and Space, sent for his former UNIT acquaintance?

Beset by vicious creatures in an English country cottage, the Doctor tells Mike about his recent adventures, travelling through the centuries right back to the Middle Ages. In each location he battled a powerful race of alien insects intent on global domination. But now they are here, in the 21st Century — and it’s up to the Doctor and Mike to defeat the ...

Tom Baker stars as the Doctor, with Richard Franklin as Mike Yates and a cast including Susan Jameson, Daniel Hill, Christian Rodska, Michael Maloney, Stephen Thorne and Rula Lenska, in these five linked stories written by the acclaimed Paul Magrs.

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Edition: UK (LP)
Title:  Hornet's Nest
Released:  6 May 2022
Publisher:  Demon Records
Format: 10 x LP
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Note:  Limited to 1,200 copies. Contains art print signed by Tom Baker and 24-page colour illustrated booklet.

Cover blurb:
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