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Music from The Tomb of the Cybermen

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Starring: Various Artists
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Released:  May 1997
Publisher:  Via Satellite Recordings
Format: 1 x CD
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Note:  Unofficial release. A short album (approx 22 minutes) of music from the classic 1967 Patrick Troughton story, plus the Doctor Who theme music and selected sound effects taken from 30 Years at the Radiophonic Workshop (namely, tracks 1-4 and 10-11 from the below).

Cover blurb:
“Of the three stories I directed for Dr. Who, The Tomb of the Cybermen was probably the best, and has become something of a classic, partly because the original tapes were thought destroyed for many years. I remember the special effects people pulled out all the stops for me, and given that we had the smallest of budgets they did an excellent job. The music for “The Tomb” was an important factor in its success and an integral part that gave the story its atmospheric feel. The BBC Gramophone Library provided much of the stock orchestral sounds and I remember spending many hours sorting through and cataloguing music I thought would be suitable. The BBC Radiophonic Workshop provided the weirder sounds and also took the library music and doctored it with various reverb delay and other electronic treatments. I would ask for a type of sound in a specific scene and they would play me several ideas before a final choice was made. This all added up to a marvellous mixture of sounds which enhanced the story that was to become the legendary... The Tomb of the Cybermen”
Morris Barry, 1st November 1996

Track listing:

  1. Dr. Who Theme — Ron Grainer
  2. Tardis Interior — Brian Hodgson
  3. Tardis Landing — Brian Hodgson
  4. Tardis Doors Opening — Dick Mills
  5. Space Adventure (Parts 1-3) — M. Slavin
  6. Palpitations — J. Scott
  7. Astronautics Theme (Parts 1-7) — E. Sendel
  8. Desert Storm — H. Feischner
  9. Space Time Music (Parts 1-4) — W. Josephs
  10. Tardis Take Off — Brian Hodgson
  11. Dr. Who Theme (A New Beginning) — Ron Grainer

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