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The Doctor Who Encylopedia: The Baker Years

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By:John Peel
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Released:  January 1988 (Exact date unconfirmed)
Publisher:  Schuster & Schuster
Format: paperback
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Note:  An alphabetical compilation of characters and monsters from Tom Baker’s long stint as the fourth Doctor.
Should win some sort of award for its eye-wateringly amateurish cover — not only does it look like a Powerpoint slide designed by a 5 year old... the same 5 year old clearly can’t spell “Encyclopedia”!
The “review quotes” on the cover from Fantasy Empire and Couch Potato are also a little suspect, as both of these were magazines owned by publisher (and editor of this book) Hal Schuster — and as far as I can tell, neither magazine was still in existence around the time this book was published.
And as the cherry on the cake, the ISBN is listed on the cover is 1-55698-160-0, however that ISBN seems to be shared by the similar Schuster-published Encyclopedia of Star Trek.

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