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Spotlight on Jon Pertwee: The 3rd Doctor Who

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By:John Peel
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Released:  January 1987 (Exact date unconfirmed)
Publisher:  Unknown
Format: paperback
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Note:  Despite the above ISBN being clearly listed on the cover, it appears to be a “generic” ISBN used by that publisher and shared by many other Files Magazines, so the Amazon listing accordingly is a mish-mash of multiple products — caveat emptor.

Cover blurb:
Jon Pertwee — perhaps the greatest Doctor Who!

Jon Pertwee is one of the most talented men to ever devote their talents to bringing science fiction and fantasy to the small screen. Aside from assaying his most famous role, that of Doctor Who, he has also plied his talents on the silver screen in numerous horror classics and on the live stage. He has even created another classic television character — Worzel Gummidge. This volume offers a look at Jon Pertwee, a complete chronicle of the life and adventures of the Third Doctor Who and much more. John Peel, perhaps the world’s leading expert on British fantasy television, has produced an important work about an important talent.

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