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By:Anneke Wills
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Released:  May 2009
Publisher:  Hirst Publishing
Format: paperback
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Note:  Second volume of Anneke Wills’ autobiography, following Self Portrait. This volume spans the period from the 1970s to the present day, covering Anneke’s post-acting career and life, including her involvement in Doctor Who fandom over the past decade.

Cover blurb:
Having been at the heart of the swinging sixties scene and following an eighteen year career as a professional actress, which peaked with her iconic role as Polly in Doctor Who, Anneke’s extraordinary adventures continue... you couldn’t make it up.

In this, the second volume of her autobiography, Anneke’s familiar, intimate style tells her story as she leaves the limelight of television for rural family life. Fully embracing the liberal zeitgeist of the seventies, she lives ‘The Good Life’ in the idyllic countryside of Norfolk, and travels to India, becoming a disciple of the notorious spiritual teacher Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. In the 1980s, she lives among groundbreaking artists on a small Canadian Island, works as a designer and gardener in California, endures unbearable tragedy and two more unorthodox marriages. She returns to the folds of Doctor Who in the nineties, which leads to worldwide travels, emotional reunions and new adventures. This 37 year voyage, filled with tears, laughter and discovery, will leave you breathless. With a supporting cast of eccentric friends, spiritual gurus, distinguished actors, pioneers of new thought and Doctor Who fans, Anneke’s story is truly stranger than fiction.To this day, Anneke’s life continues to be unpredictable and bizarre. This book — hilarious and heartbreaking in equal measure — brings us up to 2008, laying bare the story of a true renaissance woman.

Also available by Anneke Wills
Self Portrait covers the first 30 years of Anneke’s incredible life — a powerful and moving account of life as a child actress and among the people who defined the sixties, from Peter Cook to Mary Quant.

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