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Torchwood: Series One Part One - Episodes One - Five

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Starring: John Barrowman, Eve Myles, Burn Gorman & Naoko Mori
By:Russell T. Davies, Chris Chibnall, Helen Raynor & P.J. Hammond
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Editions:  UK UK (DVD) | Australia Australia (DVD)
Description:  DVD release of the first five episodes of the Doctor Who spinoff series, first broadcast in 2006.

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Edition: UK UK (DVD)
Released:  December 2006
Publisher:  BBC Video
Format: 2 x DVD
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Cover blurb:
“The 21st Century is when it all changes and you’ve got to be ready..." — Captain Jack Harkness

Separate from the government, outside the police, beyond the United Nations: Torchwood sets its own rules. Retrieving alien technology and responding to any extra-terrestrial threat — a meteorite crash landing, discovery of alien weapons, unusual autopsy reports — Torchwood are alien hunters in our world.

Operating from an underground base in Cardiff — built on a rift in time and space — Torchwood comprises the enigmatic leader Captain Jack harkness; second-in-command, alien hardware expert Suzie Costello; Owen Harper, young and hedonistic but a brilliant medic; reserved, technical genius Toshiko Sato; and Ianto Jones, a figure far more important than his receptionist’s role suggests.

When Gwen Cooper, driven by a burning curiosity, stumbles into their world she discovers a hostile universe of savage aliens and monsters. Has she the courage to leave her ordinary life and join Torchwood’s fight against the unknown and the impossible?

1. Everything Changes
A brutal murder leads WPC Gwen Cooper to Torchwood, a journey that will change her life forever.

2. Day One
Torchwood must stop a sex-addicted alien as it leaves a trail of gruesome deaths in its wake.

3. Ghost Machine
An alien object shows visions of the past to the Torchwood team, bringing a long-buried crime to the surface.

4. Cyberwoman
Beneath the Torchwood building, Ianto Jones hides a terrible secret: a half-converted Cyberwoman.

5. Small Worlds
What are the supernatural forces stalking the Cardiff suburbs — and what do they want with the seemingly normal Pierce family?


  • Welcome to Torchwood
  • Torchwood on the Scene
  • Five Torchwood: Out of this World Featurettes
  • Deleted Scenes

Cover image for Torchwood: Series One Part One - Episodes One - Five
Edition: Australia Australia (DVD)
Released:  August 2007
Publisher:  ABC
Format: 2 x DVD

Cover blurb:
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