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The Resurrection Casket

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Starring: David Tennant
By:Justin Richards
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Released:  July 2006
Publisher:  BBC Audio
Format: 2 x CD
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Note:  Abridged audio reading of the new series novel of the same name. Later re-released as part of the Collected Stories box set.

Cover blurb:
David Tennant reads this gripping story of a renegade planet, vanished treasure and a legendary artefact

Starfall — a world on the edge, where crooks and smugglers hide in the gloomy shadows and modern technology refuses to work. And that includes the TARDIS.

The pioneers who used to be drawn by the hope of making a fortune from the mines can find easier picking elsewhere. But they still come — for the romance of it, or old-fashioned organic mining. Or in the hope of finding the lost treasure of Hamlek Glint — scourge of the spaceways, privateer, adventurer, bandit...

Will the TARDIS ever work again? Is Glint’s lost treasure waiting to be found? And does the fabled Resurrection Casket — the key to eternal life — really exist? With the help of new friends, and facing terrifying new enemies, the Doctor and Rose aim to find out...

Read by the Tenth Doctor himself, this thrilling adventure features Doctor Who and his companion Rose Tyler, as played by David Tennant and Billie Piper in the acclaimed hit series from BBC Television.

Also included is an exclusive bonus interview with the author, Justin Richards, compiled by David Darlington of Doctor Who Magazine.

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