The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Original Television Soundtrack

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Cover image for The Greatest Show in the Galaxy: Original Television Soundtrack
By:Mark Ayres
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Released:  April 1992
Publisher:  Silva Screen
Format: 1 x CD
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Note:  Music soundtrack from the TV story. Several tracks were later re-released as part of the compilation The Best of Doctor Who Volume Two: The Greatest Show in the Galaxy (which confusingly uses similar cover art).

Cover blurb:

Track listing:

  1. Introduction: Doctor Who Theme
  2. The Psychic Rap
  3. Invitation to Segonax
  4. Bellboy and Flowerchild
  5. A Warning
  6. Fellow Explorers
  7. The Robot Attacks
  8. Something Sinister
  9. ‘Welcome, One and All!’
  10. The Circus Ring
  11. Deadbeat
  12. Eavesdropping
  13. ‘Let Me Entertain You’/Stone Archway
  14. The Well
  15. Powers on the Move
  16. Sifting Dreams
  17. Survival of the Fittest
  18. Bellboy’s Sacrifice
  19. Plans
  20. The Werewolf/“Request Stop”
  21. The Gods of Ragnarok
  22. Playing for Time
  23. Entry of the Psychic Clowns
  24. Liberty Who
  25. Psychic Carnival
  26. Coda: Kingpin’s New Circus
  27. Epilogue: Doctor Who Theme

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