Portal to Infinity: An Independent & Unauthorized Guide to BBCtv‘s Doctor Who

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By:Keith C. Bradbury
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Released:  February 2004
Publisher:  1st Books
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
Doctor Who, the longest running science fiction series ever created (1963-1989), is one of the greatest television programs ever to come out of Great Britain. In the United States, the show became increasingly popular in the 1980’s with a solid run on many PBS television stations. Its popularity is worldwide as the series has spawned countless toys, books, audio adventures, and merchandise throughout the globe.

The show features countless planets and aliens, including those fanatical Daleks, a race of xenophobic aliens bent on conquering the universe. So incredible is the Daleks [sic] appeal, they even have their own entry in the Oxford English Dictionary and they have made their way onto a UK postage stamp as one of the enduring icons of the 20th century.

Portal to Infinity is a guide to all those televised stories that have delighted fans of all ages throughout the globe. With plot synopses, reviews, multiple opinions, and even a ten star rating system, this book covers the entire series during its 26 year run. It even covers the 1996 telemovie starring Paul McGann, the Dalek movies featuring Peter Cushing, and the charity specials.

What makes this book unique is the wide range of opinions given on the various stories. Dozens of reviewers contributed their time and opinions to make this book a reality. Sometimes they agree; often they disagree. But in the end, you will understand why we say “It’s like watching Doctor Who with a group of your friends!"

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