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Highest-rated books:
1:Wiped!  Miscellaneous book 9.5
2:  Target novelisation 9.3
3:The Witch Hunters  BBC Past Doctor book 9.3
4:The Reign of Terror  Target novelisation 9.2
5:The Evil of the Daleks  Target novelisation 9.2
6:Mission to the Unknown  Target novelisation 9.1
7:Fury from the Deep  Target novelisation 9.1
8:AHistory  Miscellaneous book 9.1
9:Touched by an Angel  BBC new series novel 9.1
10:Prisoner of the Daleks  BBC new series novel 9
11:Voyager  Graphic novel 9
12:The Iron Legion  Graphic novel 8.9
13:Iris Wildthyme: The Panda Book of Horror  Iris Wildthyme book 8.9
14:Inside the TARDIS  Miscellaneous book 8.9
15:The Handbook: The First Doctor  Miscellaneous book 8.9
16:Doctor Who and the Crusaders  Target novelisation 8.9
17:Life During Wartime  Bernice Summerfield book 8.9
18:The Also People  New Adventure 8.9
19:Howe's Transcendental Toybox  Miscellaneous book 8.8
20:The Television Companion  Miscellaneous book 8.8
Lowest-rated books:
1:Divided Loyalties  BBC Past Doctor book 2.7
2:The Doctors: 30 Years of Time Travel  Miscellaneous book 3.5
3:Heart of TARDIS  BBC Past Doctor book 3.7
4:Silver Nemesis  Target novelisation 3.7
5:Doctor Who and the Androids of Tara  Target novelisation 3.9
6:Kinda  Target novelisation 3.9
7:Doctor Who and the Nightmare of Eden  Target novelisation 4
8:Arc of Infinity  Target novelisation 4
9:Invasion of the Cat-People  Missing Adventure 4
10:Time and the Rani  Target novelisation 4
11:So You Think You Know Dr Who?  Miscellaneous book 4
12:Beltempest  BBC 8th Doctor book 4
13:The Krotons  Target novelisation 4
14:Doctor Who and the Invisible Enemy  Target novelisation 4
15:Speed of Flight  Missing Adventure 4
16:Time's Champion  Miscellaneous book 4
17:Oblivion  New Adventure 4.1
18:Doctor Who and the Armageddon Factor  Target novelisation 4.1
19:Doctor Who and the Power of Kroll  Target novelisation 4.1
20:Doctor Who and the Underworld  Target novelisation 4.1

Unrated books:
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The Doctor Who Cookbook
Activity book  (Vote here)
 Faction Paradox: Newtons Sleep
Faction Paradox book  (Vote here)
Short Trips: 2040
Short story collection  (Vote here)
 The Target Book
Miscellaneous book  (Vote here)
Decalog 5: Wonders
Short story collection  (Vote here)
 The Doctor Who Cookbook
Activity book  (Vote here)
The Mark of Mandragora
Graphic novel  (Vote here)
 Yearbook 1996
Annual  (Vote here)
The Forgotten
Graphic novel  (Vote here)
 The Target Book
Miscellaneous book  (Vote here)

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