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There are multiple ways to keep up to date with changes made to The TARDIS Library:

  1. As of 25th February 2016, all updates made to the site (large or small) are posted to this page. Simply scroll down to see the last 2 month's worth of updates. (The 10 most recent updates are also posted directly on the site front page)

  2. The most notable of these updates will also be posted to this site's Twitter feed (@TARDISLibraryDW)

  3. There's also an RSS feed updated automatically every morning with whatever books/DVDs/Blu-rays/audios are coming out that day: http://www.timelash.com/tardis/newreleases.xml

  4. For non-RSS users, there's also a good old-fashioned email newsletter, however this is used for major announcements only (once or twice a year perhaps)

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