Time's Champion

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By:Craig Hinton & Chris McKeon
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When:  July 2008
Publisher:  Unknown
Format: paperback

Note:  Craig Hinton's final Doctor Who novel, which was unfinished at the time of his sudden death in 2006. Subsequently completed by fellow author Chris McKeon working from Hinton's notes, it was published in a non-profit fan edition in aid of the British Heart Foundation (now sold out). For more details, visit: http://timeschampion00.blogspot.com/

Cover blurb:
An original novel featuring the sixth Doctor, Mel, Benton and Romana

'It seems that we have finally found ourselves, Doctor. A pity. I had hoped to avoid this reunion; I've been disappointed enough today already.'

1908. George McKenzie-Trench is suffering from writer's block, unable to foresee the ending of his novel, Time's Champion, nor the consequences of its completion.

9908. The planet Caliban is under attack from Cyber-forces, and governor George McKenzie-Trench attempts to save the world by unleashing Abaddon, a powerful computer virus. But Abaddon has other instructions.

Meanwhile Gallifrey is threatened and the Keeper is seeking answers within the Matrix. President Romana is helpless: no-one is who they seem and the conspiracy goes even deeper than she can imagine. She needs the Doctor...

But the Doctor is on Earth in 2008, fighting to save the life of a child who must survive at all costs.

As Gallifrey is beseiged by ghosts from the past, the Doctor, Mel and Benton find themselves in the middle of an epic and final battle as the ancient gods choose their champions and allow chaos to reign across all of time and space.

This adventure takes place between the television stories THE TRIAL OF A TIME LORD and TIME AND THE RANI

CRAIG HINTON died in 2006 and this novel was his final, incomplete and unpublished contribution to the world of DOCTOR WHO. It has been completed by CHRIS McKEON and appears in print here for the first time.

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