The Sixth Doctor: The Last Adventure

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Starring: Colin Baker, Bonnie Langford, India Fisher & Trevor Baxter
By:Simon Barnard, Paul Morris, Alan Barnes & Matt Fitton
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Review:  Doctor Six Gets a True Regeneration  Read more (2 in total)
When:  August 2015
Publisher:  Big Finish
Format: 5 x CD
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Cover blurb:
A very special story which at last provides a heroic exit for Colin Baker's much-loved Time Lord. Four hour-long episodes, connected by the presence of the Valeyard, the entity that exists between the Doctor's twelth and final incarnations.

The End of the Line by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris
The Doctor and his latest companion Constance investigate a commuter train that has lost its way...

The Red House by Alan Barnes
The Doctor and Charlotte Pollard arrive on a world that is populated by werewolves.

Stage Fright by Matt Fitton
The Doctor and Flip visit Victorian London, where investigators Jago and Litefoot explore theatrical performances that have echoes of the Doctor's past lives...

The Brink of Death by Nicholas Briggs
The Doctor and Mel face the final confrontation with the Valeyard — and the Doctor must make the ultimate sacrifice.

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