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By:Mark Wallace, England
Date:Sunday 14 November 2004
Rating:   8

What can be said of Day of the Daleks that hasn't been said already. With a cracking script
and some good location work this story zips along at a fair pace,it loses it somewhat in the middle of the story arc but manages to redeem itself once the action begins. The only downside
to this story are the Daleks,who seem to be
irrelevant to this story;in fact you could slot
in any of the Doctors foes. Otherwise it's a good story that could have been better with a bit
more thought and inventivness.

Don't need the Daleks

By:the Traveller, The Biology Lab
Date:Saturday 17 June 2006
Rating:   6

With good location work and characters, this story dosen't really need the Daleks - as they could have been any evil aliens intent on conquering Earth. A good story, but a bad Dalek story.

A return to be proud of

By:Nathaniel Maxfield, London
Date:Wednesday 9 August 2006
Rating:   6

Day of the Daleks is a strange story. Although the daleks get to exterminate people at the end,they don't really get much intresting screen time. Alright but nowhere near as good as Genesis, Frontier in Space etc.

stupid & crap

By:ben, witney UK
Date:Monday 19 March 2007
Rating:   4

this dalek story i found very poor. the daleks voices were very slooowwwww & the plot was stupid too!


By:Ben, Va, USA
Date:Saturday 29 March 2008
Rating:   9

My hunt through my local library led me to find this gem of Who lore. The idea of a temporal paradox is fascinating and when the details of the paradox are revealed it sent shivers down my spine. In grand Who tradition, this story features awful visual effects, bad makeup and costumes and amazing scripts and above average acting. True the Daleks are not the highlight of this episode but if they had not been listed in the title I might never have seen this.

Pretty flipping good to be honest...

By:Matthew David Rabjohns, Bridgend, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 15 August 2010
Rating:   9

If the Dakeks had totally conquered the earth in the 22nd century, then actually they probably wouldnt need to go about exterminating everything. They are simply shown realistically as rulers, which is what they have become. With 7 8ths of the worlds population destroyed and all that!!!! They still convey menace and alienness in this story, their presence is not belittled or wasted. They are just totally self assured of their victory over the earth and time that they become careless. Nothing too unbelievable there.

And I cant believe that neither Jon or Katy particularly liked this story, when it is perhaps one of the strongest stories of the whole of Jon Pertwee's time as the Doctor. It has very good acting moments, good amounts of action. Very good desisgn, especially with the Ogrons, a very convincing alien for once.

And the paradox is very well unravelled and portrayed. Jon's acting is as usual brilliant and commanding. He truly was excellent as the Doctor in his time.

The ending may not have been the absolute million dollar action packed finale some had hoped for, but unlike many scenes of Doctor Who it is still competent and believable, and not quite as bad as all that. This really is a story packed with good vinatge DOCTOR WHO.
Oh, and i dont see how it could be many other aliens in Who that could have been the villain in this piece. Well, at least not the Cybermen, as they would have converted, and not exterminated almost everyone....absolute Doctor Who gold!!!!

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