The Book of Shadows - Short Stories

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By:Jim Mortimore
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Editions:  UK (paperback) | UK (hardback)
Note:Self-published print-on-demand book of Doctor Who short stories by acclaimed author Jim Mortimore. Published simultaneously with another short story collection: The Age of Broken Miracles. Both these books, plus Mortimore's rejected First Doctor novel Campaign, were taken down from in October 2013 after only 2 months on sale, due to Random House (i.e. parent company of BBC Books) serving a copyright takedown notice.

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Edition: UK (paperback)
Released:  August 2013
Publisher:  Cauldron Press
Format: paperback

Cover blurb:
"Nothing I'd read could prepare me for the beauty of Skaldenland."
Daniel Miller -

"No author will ever go further or madder than Campaign. I treasure my copy like a child."
Finn Clark -

"The Sun in the Bone House alone is worth the price of entry. Beautifully links past, present and future, and is at times almost poetic in its impact."
Francis Ludlow - Albedo One

A game more destructive than any war.
The life-cycle of the common-or-garden time machine.
A desert where mirages tell stories.
A universe where fiction is an endangered species.
Intelligent clothing in danger of extiction [sic].
A monster on trial for love.
A place where stories are the ultimate weapon.
The terrorist and the child gardener.
A panda who might just be the author of reality.
The End (and the Beginning) of the Universe.
All This — and Giant Robot Ants!

Eighteen glimpses of days-to-come through the rose-tinted peepers of Nebula Award nominated writer Jim Mortimore, author of Skaldenland, Campaign, Doctor Who, Babylon 5 and Cracker.

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Edition: UK (hardback)
Released:  August 2013 (Exact date unconfirmed)
Publisher:  Cauldron Press
Format: hardback

Cover blurb:
The back cover contains the same blurb as the paperback edition. Inside cover flaps read as follows:

Above the city, the shimmering globe of Rhakotis's starship reformed into a torus-shaped event circling a pulsing heart of light. The event burst violently, showering the city with a rain of dimensions.

Soldiers, slaves, husbands, wives, children and animals screamed, their minds undone, their voices one tiny rivulet in a whirling storm of silver. The storm ripped through past and future history, a montage of insanity gathering temporal inertia before contracting, shrinking back to one single moment of spacetime.

The pulsing heart of light swelled, descended.
Touched the city.
Flesh and marble splashed across the streets.

Jim Mortimore is an award winning graphic designer and composer who turned to writing as a desperate ploy to evade real work.

The Book of Shadows is Jim's first Doctor Who book since the days when manuscripts were delivered to publishers by Pterodactyl Post.

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