Dalek Double Feature

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Starring: Peter Cushing, Roy Castle & Jennie Linden
By:Milton Subotsky & David Whitaker
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Editions:  UK UK | Australia Australia
Note:Compilation release of the two 1960s movies starring Peter Cushing as "Dr Who", both of which were previously available separately: Dr Who & the Daleks and Daleks - Invasion Earth 2150 AD. This twin release has since been re-issued on DVD.

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Edition: UK UK
When:  February 1993
Publisher:  Warner Home Video
Format: 1 x VHS PAL
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Cover blurb:
For the first time on one video, two full-length feature movies from that most popular time and space adventurer, Dr. Who, starring the quintessential English actor, Peter Cushing.

These first ever big-screen adventures, filmed in 1965 and 1966, are based on the BBC television series which immediately developed into essential cult viewing.

Dr. Who & The Daleks

Join Dr. Who as he is transported by the TARDIS through time and space to the future planet Skaro, which has been devastated by radiation fall-out. There the Timelord battles the mutated alien Daleks who threaten to exterminate the peace-loving Thals by detonating a neutron bomb.

Daleks Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.

Dr. Who is transported by the TARDIS to a desolated future Earth under cosmic attack by the vengeful Daleks. Whole continents have been wiped out and humans have been turned into Robomen — living dead slaves! Only the underground resistance movement stands in the way of total Dalek control and extermination...

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Edition: Australia Australia
When:  May 2001
Publisher:  Universal
Format: 1 x VHS PAL

Note:  Alongside the two movies, this video also includes the 1995 documentary Dalekmania (previously available separately on video).

Cover blurb:
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