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A great end to a great series

By:writingbluebear, Jersey
Date:Sunday 3 May 2009
Rating:   10

The title says it all, this is a must listen.

Excelis Ends

By:Ian Cotterill, Chipping Norton, United Kingdom
Date:Sunday 16 March 2014
Rating:   3

Acting as an Epilogue to the Excelis Trilogy, 'Plague Herds' attempts to tie up any loose ends left over in the storyline. Unfortunately, the explanation behind the mysterious Relic feels rather convoluted and left me a bit confused. I didn't find the story particularly engaging or memorable, and although this is a Bernice Summerfield adventure, I felt that the absence of the Doctor, who had played a central role in the main Excelis trilogy, makes the Saga feel incomplete. Overall, 'Plague Herds of Excelis' spends too much time trying to make sense of the main trilogy and isn't something I'll listen to again in a hurry.

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