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A Book With A Reputation

By:Yumchan, Doncaster, England
Date:Thursday 12 June 2003
Rating:   8

Hmm. This book has a reputation for being a very good book. This combined with its low print run has turned it into quite an expensive read.
(Luckily its now available 'free' from !)
Frankly, I was a tiny bit disappointed. I was expecting an utter masterpiece. It is still a very good read and I would recommend it thoroughly , but the hype that surrounds it still hasn't really done it any favours.
However it is a very well thought out book. You are never really sure who the real bad guys are and the end was definitely a surprise!
Hopefully Gareth will one day write another book in the BBC Books range. I will definitely try to be at the front of the queue!

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