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Reading Rites

By:Tom Lingwood, Broseley, Shropshire
Date:Thursday 20 June 2002
Rating:   10

Following Reading System Shock, I decided to give Millennial Rites a try and it’s a brilliant book. This and System Shock are probably two of the greatest Missing Adventures.

Millennial Rites mentions Ashley Chapel, I2 and OffNet, all of which appeared in System Shock.

Millennial Rites’ plot sees the TARDIS landing in England in 1999 for the last New Year’s Eve party of the twentieth century. The Doctor meets up with Anne Travers (The Web of Fear, daughter of Professor Travers from Web and The Abominable Snowmen), now been knighted a dame and awarded an OBE. Anne is worried of another invasion by the Great Intelligence (the previous third invasion mentioned is a preview to Downtime) and millionaire philanthropist Ashley Chapel’s dark research. Meanwhile, Mel has caught up with some college friends. When the millennium arrives, the Doctor begins to feel an old foe is trying to take over his body…

This book sets the date for the UNIT stories and suggests why the sixth Doctor ‘really’ regenerated. I read this book in two days and was thrilled. This book should be in every Doctor Who fan’s collection.

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