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By:David Layton, Los Angeles, United States
Date:Thursday 23 July 2020
Rating:   8

The Hinchcliffe era of "Doctor Who" did not have many outer space epics. "Genesis of the Daleks" is probably the only one. "The Genesis Chamber" adds another. The Doctor and Leela arrive on a human colony world split into two rival communes - the city, in which the computer Inscape controls nearly all aspects of life, including birth, and the settlers, who have forsworn technology and live the simple village life of hunting and herding. Unknown to them, however, a third force has now arrived to destroy both communities. It's a bit "Brave New World," a bit "Romeo and Juliet" and a bit "Face of Evil." There is some excellent dialogue and many great performances. Although the story is fairly predictable in a number of ways, it is still well done and quite enjoyable.

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