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My thoughts, i guess...

By:Tegan, England
Date:Sunday 22 February 2004
Rating:   9

My favourite character from the TV series was Ace, so i was happy with the content she recieved in the book. The characters were all very well written, and the plot was fairly easy to follow. I really loved it, and could hardly put it down!

No! not the whitehouse!

By:Hatman, Washington
Date:Friday 11 August 2006
Rating:   6

Average. Has a good ending. You can trust Hatman. You don't have a choice. Well, actually you do. But trust him anyway! The book? I've already finished with the thing! Oh I forgot to mention that Bullet time has Russians in it. I really should get repaired soon. For the motherland! Go away now!

A good story, horribly written

By:Brian Smith, University Place, WA
Date:Monday 8 January 2007
Rating:   6

I suppose one excellent use of this book would be as a solo drinking game. If you took a drink every time one of the male characters felt tears streaming down your face, you'd be dead of alcohol poisoning in no time flat. The story itself is interesting. The writing is atrocious.

End of the day

By:Trevor Smith, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Date:Wednesday 31 August 2011
Rating:   6

An okay sort of book. What happens to Ace interested me more than what happened to the Doctor.

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