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By:Doug, Pocono Summit, PA, USA
Date:Saturday 2 September 2006
Rating:   4

Just about all I can say in favor of The Twilight Kingdom is that it moves the current story arc along a little bit. It's not a particularly *bad* story, there's just nothing about it that is very interesting, other than its meager contribution to the story arc. Nearly the entire story is set in uninteresting caves with a bunch of uninteresting people who we come to find aren't really even quite themselves. There are no standout performances, and even Paul McGann seems to be struggling to pull anything out of the script. The problem is that success in this audio format relies on having either a very good story or settings that allow for the creation of sonically rich environments, or some combination of both. The Twilight Kingdom has neither of these, being set in rather featureless caves and having a story line that's basically about the capture of the Doctor and friends by a military group that can't seem to decide whether to trust them, release them or execute them, while some unknown menace pulls the strings in the shadows. Yawn.

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