Audio interviews & documentaries

A variety of interviews with Doctor Who stars have been released on cassette or CD over the years — both "straight" interviews with actors, and more recently, alternative DVD commentaries with groups of cast and crew, released on CD.


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TV episodes
Video releases of broadcast episodes of Doctor Who, both classic and new series.

TV spin-offs
Video releases of the various broadcast spinoffs of Doctor Who, namely Torchwood, Class, K-9, The Sarah Jane Adventures, and the 1960s Daleks movies starring Peter Cushing.

Direct-to-video spin-offs
Especially in the 1990s when Doctor Who was off-air, several companies stepped up and produced unofficial straight-to-video dramas, many of which contained characters or monsters from the programme.

Video documentaries & interviews
On-screen interviews with Doctor Who cast and crew, and behind-the-scenes documentaries about the making of the programme.

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