Planet of Giants

No. 145 of 156 in the Target novelisations series
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By:Terrance Dicks
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When:  January 1990
Format: paperback
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Note:  Also available as an audio reading.

Cover blurb:
The Doctor is feeling confident: this time the TARDIS has landed on Earth; in England; in 1963. But when he and his companions venture outside, they are soon lost in a maze of ravines and menaced by gigantic insects. And the insects are dying — every living thing is dying...

Meanwhile, in a cottage garden on a perfect summer's day, the man from the Ministry arrives to put a stop to the production of DN6, a pesticide with the power to destroy all life-forms. But the men who invented DN6 will stop at nothing — not even murder — in their desire to see DN6 succeed.

Can the one-inch-tall Doctor foil their plans?

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