The Keeper of Traken

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Starring: Tom Baker, Matthew Waterhouse, Sarah Sutton & Anthony Ainley
By:Johnny Byrne
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Edition: US US (DVD)
When:  June 2007
Format: 1 x DVD
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Note:  This story was only released separately in the US. In the UK and Australia it was released as part of the New Beginnings box set instead.

Cover blurb:
Traken is a planet ruled by the all-powerful Keeper, who reigns for a thousand years and ensures that his subjects live a life of tranquility and harmony, free from the forces of evil and corruption. Now the Keeper is dying. Summoned by the ailing Keeper, the Doctor and Adric discover that all is not well on Traken. An evil presence threatens the future of the planet — an evil that knows all about the Doctor.

DVD extras include:

  • Audio Commentary by actors Anthony Ainley, Sarah Sutton and Matthew Waterhouse and writer Johnny Byrne
  • Being Nice to Each Other — A new 30-minute "making of" documentary that includes contributions from Sarah Sutton, Sheila Ruskin, Geoffrey Beevers, John Black, Johnny Byrne, Christopher H. Bidmead
  • The Return of the Master — Geoffrey Beevers, Christopher H. Bidmead and John Black talk about the return of the Doctor's arch-enemy (8 mins)
  • Swap Shop — Noel Edmunds interviews Sarah Sutton (11 mins)
  • Music-Only Option
  • Trailers and Continuity Announcements (6 mins)
  • DVD-ROM feature: 1982 Doctor Who Annual, Radio Times and BBC Enterprises literature PDFs
  • Production Notes Subtitle Option
  • Photo Gallery
  • Digitally remastered picture and sound quality

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