Blood Heat

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By:Jim Mortimore
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Review:  Worth reading. Ending not so good.  Read more (4 in total)
Editions:  UK (paperback) | UK (hardback)

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Edition: UK (paperback)
Released:  October 1993
Publisher:  Virgin
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
The TARDIS is attacked by an alien force; Bernice is flung into the Vortex; and the Doctor and Ace crash-land on Earth.

An attack by dinosaurs convinces the Doctor that he and Ace have arrived in the Jurrassic Era. But when they find a woman being hunted by intelligent reptiles, he begins to suspect that something is very wrong.

Then they meet the embittered Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, leading the remnants of UNIT in a hopeless fight against the Silurians who rule his world, and they find out that it all began when the Doctor died...

Jim Mortimore is an award-winning computer graphic designer and musician. He is the author, with Andy Lane, of the highly acclaimed Lucifer Rising.

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Edition: UK (hardback)
Title:  Blood Heat: An Adventure in Time and Space
Released:  November 2015 (Exact date unconfirmed)
Publisher:  Self-published
Format: hardback

Note:  Expanded "director's cut". Nearly twice as long as the original, this new edition expands the novel by including both previously-deleted and newly-written scenes; plus new prologue material, an updated version of the prelude (originally published in Doctor Who Magazine), and approx 40,000 words of new material featuring Jo Grant and Bernice Summerfield. More information availble direct from the author via email at:

Cover blurb:
"You want to see your child? I want to see you beg. Get down on your knees, you damn animal."

EARTH: 1993

A world undergoing quantum collapse, overrun by predators, torn apart by rage.

EARTH: 1993

A world where identity can shift as often as a butterfly flaps its wings. A world where two warring species are toppling violently over the brink of extinction.

EARTH: 1993

The last world left in the multiverse. A world facing destruction only one person can stop.

But that person died. Two hundred million years ago...

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