K-9 and the Time Trap

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By:David Martin
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Editions:  paperback | hardback
Note:Also available as an audio reading. An electronic (PDF file) version of this book was included as an extra on the K-9 Tales DVD. As an additional Doctor Who crossover, this book features the renegade Time Lord Omega as the villain, though due to rights issues he was renamed as "Omegon".

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Edition: paperback
When:  October 1980
Publisher:  Sparrow
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
The Adventures of K9 — No. 1

The entire Seventh Fleet has disappeared. The Commander says it is impossible. K9 says that is only because the human mind cannot understand it. At just under the speed of light, he takes off across the deep starless gulf between the galaxies on another dangerous mission. He uses a battlecruiser as his bait — but first he must find the trap...

K9, the amazing robot dog already known to millions through his star appearances in the Doctor Who T.V. series, now features in an exciting set of books of his own. The other K9 books available include:

K9 and the Zeta Rescue

K9 and the Beasts of Vega

K9 and the Missing Planet

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Edition: hardback
When:  November 1982
Publisher:  Rourke Publications
Format: hardback
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Cover blurb:
FROM: Gallifrey Databank

TO: Gallifrey High Command



HISTORY: Robot dog designed and built by a certain Professor Marius (type Earth, Male) in year 5000 A.D. Built as a moveable computer unit and pet replacement. Later changed by the Time Lord Theta Sigma (also known as "The Doctor") to improve performance.

POTENTIAL USE: now capable of independent missions in situations classed as too dangerous for Time Lord intervention.

EQUIPMENT: Sophisticated tracking systems. Independent drive and decision-making capability.

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: Spacecraft K-NEL. Rocket motors. Operated as extension of K9's central computer. No weapons. Shape is smooth triangular block. Color is white. Speed: TOP SECRET.

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