Myth Makers 3: Nicholas Courtney

No. 3 of 57 in the Myth Makers videos series
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Starring: Nicholas Courtney
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Editions:  UK UK (1st VHS) | US US (VHS) | UK UK (2nd VHS)
Note:Subsequently re-released on DVD twice: by itself and also as part of The Doctors: The Jon Pertwee Years.

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Edition: UK UK (1st VHS)
Released:  September 1985
Publisher:  Reeltime Pictures
Format: 1 x VHS PAL

Note:  Released on 4 different formats: VHS PAL, VHS NTSC, Betamax PAL and Betamax NTSC.

Cover blurb:
The third in an exciting new series. Each edition profiles the career of a personality from the worlds of television science fiction.

NICHOLAS COURTNEY is one of the best known and respected actors to have appeared in "DOCTOR WHO". From BRET VYON to THE BRIGADIER, he has acted alongside five Doctors. Interviewed at home in London he discusses the series, his life and career as an actor and his hopes for the future.

Don't miss this insight into the life of a great character from "DOCTOR WHO".

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Edition: US US (VHS)
Title:  Myth Makers Vol. 3: The Men from UNIT
Released:  September 1988 (Exact date unconfirmed)
Publisher:  Pleiades Home Entertainment
Format: 1 x VHS NTSC
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Used:  $39.95
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Note:  This was the third of 17 Myth Makers videos released in the US, which confusingly followed a different numbering scheme to the original British releases. To add further confusion, this was a double release, which also incorporated the John Levene interview. Preceded by Volume 2: Ian Marter / John Leeson and followed by Volume 4: Jon Pertwee.

Cover blurb:
The Men from UNIT are back!

Since the Troughton era, UNIT has played an important part in the Doctor's fights against outside forces.

From Bret Vyon (the Hartnell era) to the Brigadier (the Troughton, Pertwee, Baker & Davison eras), Nicholas Courtney has appeared with more of the good Doctor's incarnations than any other actor. Nicholas Briggs accompanies Nick on a voyage through Doctor Who history, into The Rocky Horror Show and beyond. Shot entirely at the same locations used for the adventure 'Mawdryn Undead'.

Always at the Brigadier's side through alien attacks and time travelling criminals, Sgt. Benton as played by John Levene, has always been the best of UNIT's fighting men. John answers many important questions about his character, such as "Why is Benton selling used cars?"

A very funny and informative Myth Makers indeed!

Don't miss the all new UNIT adventure, 'War Time' starring John Levene and Michael Wisher. Available exclusively from Pleiades Home Entertainment

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Edition: UK UK (2nd VHS)
Released:  May 1994
Publisher:  Reeltime Pictures
Format: 1 x VHS PAL

Note:  Extended edition.

Cover blurb:
Did I ever want more showbiz glamour in my career? No, I don't think so... Maybe that's a surprising answer."

Back in the mid 1980's, two Nicks (Courtney and Briggs) strolled around Trent Park the location for the Doctor Who story Mawdryn Undead and chatted about Nick C's life and career.

Now, parked in a little red car on the shores of Rutland Water (location for Battlefield), they find not only that it's too cold to venture outside, but also that they are surrounded by sheep.

With the aid of some previously unseen footage from their original Myth Makers, Mr B delves deeper and Mr C reveals a good deal more.

Nicholas Courtney is on top form in this extended release.

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