The Rescue

No. 124 of 156 in the Target novelisations series
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By:Ian Marter
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Editions:  UK UK (hardback) | UK UK (paperback)
Note:Also available as an audio reading. The novelisation was incomplete at the time of Ian Marter's untimely death in October 1986 and had to be completed by Target editor Nigel Robinson before publication.

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Edition: UK UK (hardback)
When:  August 1987
Publisher:  WH Allen
Format: hardback
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Used:  £50.20
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New:  $506.13
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Cover blurb:
From his one previous visit the Doctor remembers the inhabitants of the planet Dido as a gentle, peace-loving people.

But when he returns, things have changed dramatically. It seems that the Didoi have brutally massacred the crew of the crashed spaceliner Astra. Even now they are threatening the lives of the sole survivors, Bennett and the orphan girl Vicki.

Why have the Didoi apparently turned against their peaceful natures? Can Bennett and Vicki survive until the rescue ship from Earth arrives? And who is the mysterious Koquillion?

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Edition: UK UK (paperback)
When:  January 1988
Publisher:  Target
Format: paperback
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New:  £43.95
Used:  £23.62
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New:  $32.99
Used:  $14.99
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New:  CDN$ 72.27
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Cover blurb:
Same as hardback edition.

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