The Ultimate Evil

No. 29 of 29 in the Lost Stories audios series
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Starring: Colin Baker & Nicola Bryant
By:Wally K. Daly
When:  15 November 2019
Format: 2 x CD
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Note:  This story was previously novelised in 1989.

Cover blurb:
With the TARDIS working perfectly, the Doctor and Peri decide to take a holiday. But where? A long-forgotten piece of equipment in the TARDIS storage locker sends them to the peaceful and idyllic continent of Tranquela — home of the Doctor's old friend Ravlos.

But the land where they emerge is far from peaceful. A hate ray is regularly sweeping Tranquela, turning its inhabitants into savage beasts, and there is only one place it can originate — the planet's other continent, home of Tranquela's old enemies, the Amelierans.

Or is that the only place? Because somewhere far above the planet events are watched by the slimy super-salesman, Mordant, who has his own unscrupulous plans.

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