The Maze of Doom

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By:David Solomons
Released:  14 May 2020
Publisher:  BBC Children's Books
Format: paperback
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Note:  Also available as an audio adaptation. 13th Doctor novel, aimed at young readers. Follow-up to The Secret of Vault 13. Publisher's description as follows:

An all-new Doctor Who adventure! The Thirteenth Doctor faces a problem only a Time Lord can solve in this mysterious quest featuring a clockwork battery and...a wild Minotaur chase through the London Underground?!

Doctor Who fans will love this action-packed, thrilling, and genuinely funny new adventure starring the Thirteenth Doctor - the first female Doctor in history! When an unknown signal draws the Doctor back to Earth, she and Team TARDIS trace it to an ancient life-size brass statue up for grabs at a charity auction. The Doctor recognizes the statue as an old enemy - and it's coming back to life. From the underworld of London to a sunken alien ship beneath the Aegean Sea, this pursuit full of mystery, monsters, and mayhem is perfect for fans of the iconic show and curious young readers alike!

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