A Second Target for Tommy

No. 45 of 57 in the Miscellaneous short stories series
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Released:  March 2018
Publisher:  Obverse Books
Format: paperback
Obverse Books

Note:  Follow-up to A Target for Tommy. Charity short story anthology in aid of Doctor Who fan and author Tommy Donbavand who at the time was battling cancer. Includes the first-ever publication of the draft script for Christopher Eccleston's unfilmed scene in The Day of the Doctor.

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  • Eye of Orion? — Jay Eales
  • The Hangover of Injustice — Andrew Lawston
  • The Caterpillar Room — Kate Orman
  • Fearmonger Redux (excerpt) — Jon Blum
  • Nipping Out For Some Bits — Ian Potter
  • The Misadventure of Mark Thorne — Andy Frankham-Allen
  • Wherever and Whenever — Cody Schell
  • From Skaro With Love! — Nick Campbell
  • Horde of Travesties — the Prologues: the Man In the Tree — Declan May
  • Why Though? — Ira Lightman
  • The Runaway Hi-Fi — Paul Magrs
  • Eyebrows and Fish — Matt Bright
  • The Xanthous Knight — Blair Bidmead
  • Repeat Prescription — Eddie Robson
  • Doctor Who: The Special — Steven Moffat
  • '-' — Philip Marsh
  • The Watcher — Nick Wallace
  • Collateral Damage — Matt Barber
  • The Envelope Please — Jonathan Dennis
  • The Thief of Joy — Jon Arnold
  • Doctor Who and the Exile From Hell — Simon Bucher-Jones
  • When Iris Met Billy — Stuart Douglas
  • The Same Old Road — Ian Potter
  • Walk A Mile In My Shoes — Jay Eales
  • Fair — Ned Netherwood

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