Lethbridge-Stewart: The Daughters of Earth

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By:Sarah Groenewegen
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When:  13 July 2017
Publisher:  Candy Jar Books
Format: paperback
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Candy Jar Books

Note:  One of the series of Lethbridge-Stewart novels, following the character subsequently known as the Brigadier after the events of the classic Doctor Who story The Web of Fear.

Cover blurb:
To celebrate Lethbridge-Stewart's birthday, a romantic weekend is planned for him and Sally in a remote cottage in the Scottish Highlands. Unfortunately for Sally, freak weather causes her to crash her car.

Lethbridge-Stewart, meanwhile, is in Cairngorm investigating UFO sightings. Elsewhere, the Daughters of Earth, a women-only peace movement, are making waves in the political world, but just who is their enigmatic leader? And what links the Daughters with the events of Cairngom and Sally's accident?

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