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Starring: Tom Baker & Lalla Ward
By:Jonathan Morris
Rating:   9.3  (3 votes)  Vote here
Review:  Into the bowels of the Alien Planet  Read more (1 in total)
When:  June 2017
Format: 1 x CD
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Big Finish

Note:  Exclusively available from the Big Finish website until July 31st.

Cover blurb:
The TARDIS is going underground. When the Doctor and Romana find themselves buried beneath the surface of an alien world, they're soon swallowed up by a giant burrowing machine. This is where the inhabitants of this planet live — in huge, constantly moving, Drill-towns, chewing up the fuel and resources of the planet in order to survive.

But something else lurks in the earth. Something that feeds on the Drill-towns. Something that is relentless and will not stop.

The Silex are hunting.

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