Casualties of Time

No. 37 of 48 in the Fourth Doctor Audio Adventures series
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Starring: Tom Baker, Lalla Ward, David Warner & David Troughton
By:Nicholas Briggs
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When:  August 2016
Format: 1 x CD
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Note:  Released on Aug 10 exclusively via the Big Finish website. The general release date for Amazon and other retailers will be Sept 30.

Cover blurb:
The TARDIS crew have unknowingly become embroiled in a web of deceit. A trap has been laid across time and they have no possible means of escape. Destiny has ensnared them.

The Doctor is finally getting the chance to see the Conglomerate's work at first hand. Romana is working to save the alien Laan once and for all. K9 is returning to Ancient Britain in search of an unusual power source.

The Doctor, Romana and K9.

Today one of them will die.

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