The Two Doctors

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Starring: Colin Baker
By:Robert Holmes
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When:  September 2015
Format: 5 x CD
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Note:  Audio reading of Robert Holmes's 1985 novelisation.

Cover blurb:
Colin Baker reads this exciting classic novelisation of a Sixth Doctor TV adventure

Disturbed by the time travel experiments being conducted on Space Station 7, the Time Lords send the Second Doctor and Jamie to investigate. Arriving on the station in deep space, they are attacked by a shock force of Sontarans, and the Doctor is left for dead.

Across the gulfs of Time and Space, the Sixth Doctor discovers that his former incarnation is very much alive. Together with Peri and Jamie he must rescue his other self before the plans of scientist Dastari, and the ruthless augmented Androgum Chessene, reach their deadly and shocking conclusion...

Colin Baker, who played Sixth Doctor [sic] in the BBC TV series, reads Robert Holmes' complete and unabridged novelisation, first published by Target Books in 1985.

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