Father Time

No. 41 of 73 in the BBC Eighth Doctor novels series
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By:Lance Parkin
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Editions:  UK (original paperback) | US (reprint paperback)

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Edition: UK (original paperback)
Released:  January 2001
Publisher:  BBC Books
Format: paperback
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Cover blurb:
'I love her,' the Doctor said.
'Of course you do, she's your daughter.'

Earth in the nineteen-eighties is a battleground. Rival alien factions have travelled from the far future to pursue their vendetta. As UFOs fill the skies, a giant robot stalks the Derbyshire hills, and alien hunters search for the mysterious Last One, the Doctor is the only man who can protect the innocents caught in the crossfire.

But old scores are being settled, the fate of a Galactic Empire is at stake, and, against his will, the Doctor is drawn into a decade-long war that will strike at those he holds most dear.

The Doctor has lost his memory, his friends, his past and his TARDIS. All he has now is the love of his daughter.

But will even that be taken from him?

This is another in the series of original adventures for the Eighth Doctor.

Cover image for Father Time
Edition: US (reprint paperback)
Released:  August 2011
Publisher:  Random House
Format: paperback
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Note:  This is a print-on-demand reprint — although the book is orderable in exactly the same way as a "regular" book via Amazon or other booksellers. Lance Parkin's other BBC novels have also received the same treatment: The Infinity Doctors, Trading Futures and The Gallifrey Chronicles — as well as 4 of Kate Orman/Jonathan Blum's novels: Seeing I, Unnatural History, The Year of Intelligent Tigers and Blue Box.

Cover blurb:
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